Townhouse in Reuncion resort


  • is good and shows all the different companies.

  • We use as this is a shuttle to the car which on the way back for departure means you get dropped off at the terminal and level you need with all your luggage and you don’t need to come from the basement and get a trolley etc.

Orlando Tourist Board page


This is good as you can go to a character breakfast and Disney hotel without entry the park and you don’t need the Disney ticket and use up a day from your entry. We did the Polynesian breakfast with Lilo and Stich and Goofy and Pluto. The food was ok, supposed to be a traditional Hawaiian breakfast, but sausages and bacon with fruit! It is $29.99 or so for adults, under 3 free as usual and children half price.

There are lots of character dining but a lot are in the park so you do need a valid ticket and be in the park for them.
DOWNTOWN DISNEY – no entry card etc … nice to have a walk around and go to the cinema, have a nice choice of restaurants, no parking fee and nice to walk with Trex cafe or the Rainforest cafe for a novelty thing for the kids...dinner or lunch, expect to wait for a table


We did no rides for the littler ones the main thing is the Schamu show, choose a time and head over about 40 mins beforehand. There is a Sea lion show as pirates that is also good, see the times and  that is down from shark tunnel.. In the summer they may still have Schamu night show about 8.30pm. They have a dining experience to eat dinner below with the tanks and killer whales or dolphins around you need to reserve. Unless you love the rides and water areas one day is enough to see the animals.

Chucky cheese (Also a franchise of Disney but not at Disney)

makes awesome is up the I4 near wet and wild...This is just a play arcade area for little children and you buy tokens and play with them and get tickets to win some utter rubbish, but the boys loved it, the food is not great but doable!


This is about 40 minutes away from the house, this was really nice, amazing to see the legotowns etc but there were some nice rides and there is a waterpark too. We did not manage the water park as in August and July the lightning and thunder is bad on afternoons and water attractions and outside events are closed until it is all clear.

They are now doing if you pick a day in advance you can save money on the tickets.Type your paragraph here.


We have not been there yet, about 40-50 minutes from Reunion, have tour and then lunch with an astronaut!


Still yet to go and see Harry, when the boys are a bit older..and braver!!


Lots of concerts, shows, musicals, classical and pop.. check out the timetable..

HARD ROCK CAFE CONCERTS (no Universal ticket required)

Lovely small bar like venue at Universal City walk, next to the Hard Rock cafe. We saw The Fray there last year, very good. (I recommend Valet parking!! otherwise it is a long walk back through the full areas and car park)


We are going to try here this year (2015)


This is about 40 - 50 minutes drive from Reunion, we stayed over in St Petersburg for a night after visiting the aquarium.

I am afraid it is more for rescue animals and after being to Seaworld each year before, my boys were not overly impressed and as the new film, A Dolphin Tale 2 was just out last August (20140, we stood longer in that queue than at Disney. I would try not to go on a weekend.